Sunday, 6 June 2010

Review: Natural Collection products

Ok, so some people miss judge Nautral Collection by it's really inexpensive prices, but if I had to desribe this company in one word it would be amazing!

Their body sprays:
My personal favourite is the Passionfruit body spray. It's a perfect scent for summer and lasts all day. Seriously.

I have 2 of their lipsticks and I LOVE them!!! They last a very long time considering they are only £1.99 which I think is a bargain! I have Rose Petal which is a very light nudey/coral colour, and Pink Mallow which is a mid tone pink and is quite bright.

I only have one of the eyeshadows which is Lilac Shimmer and it's quite pigmented and a beautiful colour. I have tested some of the other eyeshadows in shops too and they don't seen very pigmented which I suppose is good if you are starting out in makeup and tend to make a lot of mistakes.

So thats all of the Nautral Collection products that I have tried out but I hope to try more out in the future :) Hope you have a great day guys and take care xxx

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